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New and improved version of the world famous Extremepitch.

The "Extreme Pitch" is apptly named as it is the ultimate in playing surfaces. It is similar in concept to professional snooker and billiards cloths as it plays true and consistent.


It doesn't have to be "broken in" and has a very fast feel to it unlike some types of Astropitches which need a lot of use before the players will actually start sliding to their full potential.


This pitch is the result of much hard work! EW worked with a specialized Italian factory using the material of previous Astropitch versions. The final solution is very similar to the ’79 version (square box) Subbuteo Astropitch.


EW improved on this by giving more space between the playing surface and the edge of the pitch, introducing a line for the placing of the figures that leave the playing surface.


The Extremepitch 2.0 is approved by FISTF.



Extreme Pitch 2.0

SKU: EW001
  • New and improved version of the world famous Extremepitch

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